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19 July 2020: OpenPicture of a church with a one way sign superimposed

We are now opening our church on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons for private prayer. My wife and I were on the rota to supervise visitors while the church was open this afternoon.

Red ribbons have been draped across the ends of alternate pews to stop people sitting there. Just in front of the front pew is a sign asking visitors to go no further. “Please do not touch” signs have been put around the font.

We arrived half an hour before the scheduled opening at 14:30. On our way in we turned on the contactless hand sanitiser on the table in the porch. Then we looked to see which pews needed cleaning. At the end of each pew where people are allowed to sit there is a laminated sign saying “You may pray here”. Visitors are asked to turn the sign over when they leave. The other side says “Please clean me”. The pews are cleaned at the start of the next session, giving three days or so before anyone needs to touch them again.

Three people came in for private prayers during the 1½ hours we kept it open. They were all regular church members. We were able to chat briefly to each one and catch up with their news.

The Rector arrived just before the end of the session. We held a service of Evening Prayer with just the three of us there. We aim to hold public Evening Prayer services on the Sundays in August.