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13 September 2020: Forgetting Joseph’s storyA boy wearing a many-coloured coat

Our church has started holding Sunday morning communion services at 10:30 again, albeit with precautions in place. Having attended the Wednesday communion service, my wife and I decided to take part in today’s Sunday Special on Zoom instead.

We had two families join us online for the first time. Even so the numbers were down, probably due to some people being on holiday and others attending the communion service.

The service went well. The theme was forgiveness. For the Old Testament there was a retelling of the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers, read by members of three of the families. My wife and I both thought the retelling did not follow what the Bible said. Surely Jacob was not dead when Joseph’s brothers met him in Egypt?

That’s where our memories let us down. The story that was used was not about Joseph’s brothers arriving in Egypt to ask for food during the famine. In fact it came from the very end of Genesis, when Joseph and his brothers all return to Egypt after burying their father. We hadn’t recognised it!