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20 September 2020: The Labourers in the VineyardA bunch of black grapes

I preached at our 8 o’clock communion service in church this morning. It is the only 8 am service in church that we have scheduled. On other Sundays the service in the church itself will be at 10:30 (unless there is another complete lockdown).

I preached on the parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard. So did our curate in his sermon for the recorded service and so did one of our other lay ministers who was broadcast on our local radio station this morning.

I didn’t hear my fellow lay minister’s sermon but I did hear our curate’s. We both made the point that the parable shows that it doesn’t matter at what stage we turn to Christ and how much work we do for him on this Earth, we all receive the same reward. There is also a message to existing Christians, though. Don’t think you are better than those who join the Church later. Apart from anything else, some of them could prove to be more important to God’s kingdom here on Earth than you are!

In my sermon I made an additional point. The landowner in the parable kept going back into the market place. He doesn’t seem to have done so for his own benefit but for the benefit of the unemployed labourers who were still there. God keeps on calling us throughout our lives and only wants us to respond.