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15 October 2020: Bible SundayA Bible

Bearing in mind the current Tier 2 lockdown restrictions in our area, there were a lot of people in our church this morning. Everyone had to book and one of our churchwardens made sure everyone was socially distanced.

The reading was from Nehemiah, the account of Ezra reading the newly-rediscovered scriptures to the returned Jewish exiles. As he read the scriptures in language everyone could understand, other priests and Levites helped the crowd interpret them. The reading took place outside the Temple and Nehemiah’s account emphasises the fact that the crowd included men, women and “all who could understand”, which presumably meant all but the youngest children.

Our Authorised Local Preacher preached. He pointed out that this passage makes it clear that the Bible is for everyone. However, we all need help in understanding what it means for us. Such help comes from sermons, Christian books, home groups and our fellow Christians. “You can always ask the preacher questions afterwards,” he said, “but not today!”