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28 February 2021: ReorientationComputer graphic of a magnetic compass

During her recorded sermon this week, our Rector mentioned that Walter Brueggemann, Old Testament Scholar, writing on the Psalms, teaches that human life consists of three seasons of being:

  1. Orientation is the satisfied season of wellbeing that evokes gratitude for the constancy of blessing. The season expressed in psalms that articulate the joy, delight, goodness, coherence and reliability of God.
  2. Disorientation is the season of hurt, alienation, suffering and death that evoke rage, resentment, self-pity and hatred. Psalms of disorientation in turn match this season in ragged, painful disarray, in which the psalmist cries out to God in doubt and complaint.
  3. New orientation is a season of surprise when we are overwhelmed with new gifts of God. When joy breaks through despair. Light dawns in our seemingly unending darkness.