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A block drawing of a church

7 March 2021: Building the ChurchA model church made out of Lego

The theme for today’s Sunday Special was “Building the Church”. The leader had warned everyone in advance to gather some boxes. He challenged us all to build a tower as high as we could with the boxes, writing on each one something that was important to us and important to God.

My wife and I eschewed building anything with boxes but we did discuss between us what we would put on each box if we had one. We took it in turns to suggest things. I started at the“bottom box” by writing “Christ’s sacrifice”. The other things we wrote down included love, Creation, interdependence and compassion.

After five minutes we focused on the service again and the families with children reported on what they had written on their boxes, although some had not yet completed the exercise. Practically everyone included “love” on one of their boxes.

The leader then suggested things we might have used to build up our tower of faith:

  1. “Know about Jesus” at the base,
  2. followed by “Believe in Jesus”,
  3. then “Love of Jesus”,
  4. and at the top “Trust in Jesus”.