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21 March 2021: We would see JesusGreek words on a light green background

We now have three Authorised Local Preachers in our parish. I am mentoring one of them. Today’s recorded sermon was given by one of the others.

He started by asking whether, when listening to a sermon like the Greeks who came seeking Jesus, we were hoping to “see” Him.

John’s Gospel does not actually record any encounter between Jesus and the Greeks following that request. The preacher referred instead to the implication that what followed that request was an address by Jesus to both the Jews and the Gentiles gathered there.

Jesus’ address to the crowds made it clear that He was on His last journey to Jerusalem, and His death on the Cross. We then have both an invitation and a challenge, to follow Jesus even if it means our death as well. “Whoever serves me, the Father will honour.” This invitation is still open to all who are prepared to accept it, including us.