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28 March 2021: Generous givingA computer image 0f a green palm leaf

This is Palm Sunday, when we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey with the crowd cheering, waving palm leaves and laying their cloaks on the road before him.

One of our new Authorised Local Preachers led Sunday Special. He took “Generous giving” as his theme. If we had been in the crowd that day, would we have put taken off our coats or anoraks and put them down so the donkey bearing Jesus could walk over them to make His was easier?

I very much doubt that I would have done. However, this led to a discussion as to what we would be prepared to give to help others. The children had previously been sent pictures of a cloak with five sections. They were invited to write in each section something they would be prepared to give. Adults were simply asked to think about it.

Interestingly, most of the things the children said they would give were not physical. They mentioned things like care, help and friendship. One boy did say he would be prepared to give up his bed, although his grandmother seemed to doubt that this was really true.

Some of the children talked not about giving but about sharing. That could be a good perspective.