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11 April 2021: Doubting ThomasComputer image of Jesus showing His hands

Instead of attending today’s church service in the church building, my wife and I opted to join the online Sunday Special service which took place at the same time.

As we were chatting before the service one of the mums mentioned that her son was more interested in trains, so he was only likely to pay attention if the leader talked about Thomas. His wife said he would be, although actually the Thomas he was to talk about was Doubting Thomas.

As has become customary, he invited one of the parents to read the Bible passage and played a short animated video showing Thomas doubting his fellow disciples’ message that Jesus had risen from the dead, only to accept Jesus as his Lord and God when he later met Him in person.

The leader then told the children that their parents had prepared bags for them containing various objects and asked “Would you believe me if I told you there was an unusual object in there?” The children felt around in their bags to see if they could identify the contents without looking. Most of them were able to. I don’t know what the unusual object was supposed to be or whether it was the same for each bag.

The leader went on to explain that we can believe in Jesus because of the witnesses in the Bible, down the subsequent centuries and today. We can also meet Him for ourselves in prayer.

After the online service those who wished to do so remained for a “chat over coffee and biscuits”. Of course, we all had to provide our own coffee and biscuits. Most of us didn’t bother.

The chat was wide-ranging. Someone asked after the leader’s daughter, a teacher who is suffering from Long Covid. Unfortunately after a couple of weeks feeling reasonably well she now feels very tired again. We mentioned that we had received our second jabs on Friday.

Somehow we got on to talking about grandchildren’s names for their grandparents. Apparently one of our number is known to his youngest grandchild as “Grandma Mike”!