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7 August 2022: What is your treasure?A treasure chest with coins spilling out of it

In a way the messages from today’s Worship Together service, which brings together both our main Sunday morning congregations, was similar to last week’s. What is true treasure?

The service was led by our placement curate on what was officially her last day with us. I say “officially” because she hasn’t yet got a permanent post and has promised that she will still come to our church from time to time.

She asked the children to follow a series of clues until they found a box full of treasure. She read out the first one, which led them to the font. The one there led them to the lectern. The next took them to the choir stalls and the final one to a box hidden under one of the seats near the organ console.

That contained a number of objects, including among other things bar of chocolate, a smartphone and a small bag containing gold coins (actually pound coins). Which of these, she asked, would they take as their treasure?

One of the boys said he would take the smartphone as it would keep him in touch with his friends. As expected, the bag of coins was a popular choice so far as the others were concerned. One boy wanted to use the money to help others but most wanted to spend it.

The curate said the chocolate might be a good idea if you then shared it with friends, as it would increase your friendship. Using the money to help others might also increase your circle of friends but did it matter if the people you gave it to didn’t know who it came from?

She made the point that our real treasure should be our relationship with God.