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A block drawing of a church

14 August 2022: Notice!A cartoon of a smiling woman

Our Sunday Special Team had to make a rapid change this morning. Unfortunately the Authorised Local Preacher who was due to lead Sunday Special was taken ill in the early hours. His place was taken by one of our other ALPs. Fortunately all the material had already been prepared

There was the same activity for both children and adults. For the adults a number of cartoon faces were projected on the screen. The children had the same cartoon faces placed on a table, along with a series of words describing various emotions, such as “happy” and “worried” The challenge was to match the emotion with the face. The children did it together, helped by a couple of the mums. We adults had to work on our own.

The children did better than I did. They got “sad” and “worried” the wrong way round but the rest right.

The lesson to be drawn was “Notice!” We should notice how others are feeling and treat them accordingly.