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A block drawing of a church

28 August 2022: A place for everyoneA cartoon of a large group of people of many types

One of our fellow Lay Ministers led today’s Sunday Special. The theme he chose was “A place for everyone”, emphasising that everyone has a place in God’s Church.

He put a list of ten occupations on the screen and asked each table group to decide which two they felt were the most important. The top three choices were Teachers, Nurses and Police Officers.

We later moved on to discuss two questions:

  1. What makes people feel left out?
  2. What can we do to make our church more welcoming?

For this we were split into two groups: adults and older children. The younger children had their own separate activity.

Our adult group never really got much further than the first question. The Lay Minister leading Sunday Special brought the discussion to an end to make sure Sunday Special would not still be running when those in the traditional service wanted to get into the hall for coffee.

The adults generally thought that people sometimes exclude themselves, either through shyness or because they would not fit in. Unfortunately many have a rather skewed idea of what the church and church-goers are like. In reality we are all sinners trying to do our best to live according to God’s will.

We didn’t have much time to consider the second question. The Authorised Local Preacher leading the discussion suggested that we ought to have some sort of icebreaker to help people feel at home but most of the rest of us declared a hearty dislike for icebreakers, mainly due to the experiences we had with then in work situations.