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1 October 2022: Ordination serviceView over a brick wall toward a church with scaffolding over the tower

This afternoon my wife and I went to a church in the north-west part of the city to see a friend of ours ordained as a priest. She is a Pakistani Christian who has lived in this country for many years. Her husband was ordained as a priest a few years ago.

Five deacons were being ordained as priest by our Area Bishop. Our archdeacon was also taking part in her last service before her retirement tomorrow.

The church was full. The bishop presided and the archdeacon preached. Our friend read the gospel. The deacons then had to make formal promises and vows, and the congregation indicate their support, before they were each ordained priest.

The ordinations were followed by communion. Because of the numbers present there were various “stations” around the church. One of the newly ordained priests was at each station to hand out the consecrated bread, to symbolise their new eucharistic roles; the wine was handled by a lay person.

It was a sunny afternoon so after the service we were all able to gather outside to congratulate the new priests and greet other old friends. We spoke to quite a few before making our way home.