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20 November 2022: Christ the KingComputer image of a cross inside a crown

Our most recent Rector retired at the end of October, so we are now in an interregnum we expect to last at least a year. We also expect that we will not get a full-time parish priest to replace her. We could get someone who devotes half his or her time to our parish and the rest to another parish. Fortunately we have very good relationships with the priests of the neighbouring parishes so we are able to find priests to conduct our communion services.

This morning my wife led our service of Morning Prayer and I preached.

I started by referring to the dire situations the world is in on so many fronts. Climate change is near an irreversible tipping point. There is conflict in Ukraine which could spill over to other countries and even involve the use of nuclear weapons. We face energy and food shortages. In this country we have just been told that all those with an income will have to pay more tax and that public services will be reduced owing to a cutback in government spending.

So it is good that today we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, reminding us that we are not the ones in ultimate control; He is. Today’s epistle (Collosians 1:11-20) tells us that the whole of creation was made through and for Him. If all things were created for Him then they will endure until His purpose for them is fulfilled.

There are things we can do as a church and as individuals to help preserve His world. As a church we have been awarded a Bronze Award as an Eco Church and are well on the way to qualifying for a Silver Award. During this winter we opening one of the rooms in our Church Centre every Tuesday afternoon as a Warm Space. We are collecting donations for the local Food Bank.

As individuals we can turn down our central heating and stop telling ourselves we must have the latest gadget. If we can afford it, we can also donate to charities both at home and overseas supporting those who are less well off than we are.