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27 November 2022: Advent SundayComputer image of five Advent candles, the first one lit

Today is Advent Sunday. Sunday Special was led by one of our Lay Ministers. The service started with the lighting of the first of the Advent candles.

Advent is a season of preparation, not for Christmas but for Christ’s Second Coming at the end of time. Preparation was therefore taken as the theme for the day? What could we do to get ready for Christ’s Second Coming. How do we get ready not only ourselves but the whole of Creation?

During the activity time the children were asked to decorate a cardboard star and write on the back of it something that could be done to help Creation or other people. The Lay Minister posed a series of questions for the adults, including “What can we do about climate change?”, “What can we do about the cost of living crisis?” and “How can we helpl save the NHS?”

We adults split into groups to discuss these questions. One of the dads in our group came up with a single answer to all the questions: “Exercise your vote.” I thought this was the best of all the suggestions.

Other answers, from both adults and children, were not unexpected. “Stop using the car and walk or take public transport.” “Turn down the heating.” “Make sure your neighbours are all right.” “When you shop buy something extra to give to the Food Bank.” I’ll have to remember the last one the next time I go to the supermarket.