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25 December 2022: Christmas communionComputer image of two bells with Christmas ribbons on them

My wife and I attended this morning’s “Communion Together” service, which brings together worshippers from both our traditional church and our Sunday Special congregations. It was led by a retired priest now living in our parish. He started by saying that it was the first Christmas service he had conducted for twenty years as he had previously served in a cathedral where they were always conducted by the Dean. Someone did say later that it felt like a cathedral service.

I don’t agree. It all went smoothly except that he forgot it is our tradition to serve communion at the altar rail north-to-south instead of south-to-north.

In his address he did follow our tradition of asking the children who attended whether they had brought any of their presents along. This year it was mainly dolls and soft toys, which gives you an idea of their ages. He followed that up by saying that Jesus is the Christmas present we all need.