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1 January 2923: First service of 2023Computer image of the sun shining on 2023

I conducted our Morning Prayer at 10:30 this morning and my wife preached. I had to start with an apology as some of the printed information the church had sent out said there would be a communion service at 8o’clock but there wasn’t one. The Christmas leaflet and our December magazine were both printed before the mistake was discovered.

There were more people in the congregation than any of us expected. Part of this was due to one of our neighbouring churches having no services today. We also had at least one visitor from a village one of the villages on the other side of our city, which likewise has no church services today. In addition there were three families who had come expecting a Sunday Special service in the church hall today; we never have Sunday Special on the first Sunday of the month.

The Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Christ was deferred from today to tomorrow, so we used the readings for the Second Sunday of Christmas and had Christmas carols instead of hymns. My wife spoke about the Hebrew prophets and John the Baptist pointing people towards Jesus, which all Christians are called to do.