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16 September 2022: Packwood HouseA large moated grey manor house

This is the last day of our National Trust Supporter Group holiday. On the way back the coach stopped at Packwood House, a moated Tudor manor house with large grounds. My wife and I walked round the lake and explored the grounds before going into the house. It was originally owned by a Roman Catholic family. We were told the story of the time troops arrived at the house to search for Catholic priests. To hide the two that were there at the time they were let down a garderobe (medieval toilet) to stand in the sewers until the troops had left. That was not the most pleasant place to hide but they did preserve their lives.

The inside of the house was very interesting but much too rambling for me to imagine living there.

We were again fortunate with the weather. There was torrential rain as the coach drove back along the motorways but it had stopped by the time we reached our final destination. We all thanked the Group’s Vice Chairman for organising the holiday so well and Mike for driving for us for a week at very short notice.