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18 April 2020: NHS careA stethoscope and a doctor's bag bearing a red cross

For more than two weeks we have been praying for one of our own children’s childhood friends, now aged 46 with a wife and a 10-year old daughter. He is fighting for his life in an ITU in an NHS hospital in Kent. I thought it was worth sharing part of the latest bulletin from his wife:

He’s currently the most ill patient they have. But he’s not deteriorating either. He's just plateauing. But I do want you all to know just how much the staff are fighting for him. I genuinely know this and can tell from our interactions. And more than that, the additional support they have been providing him and us this week has truly been above and beyond given the bizarre and difficult circumstances. They have:

  1. Set up daily Skype calls for us. (The NHS didn't have the technology until this week.)
  2. Put a friendship bracelet on him and are sending us matching ones.
  3. Sending R a child’s book about ITU to help her understand.
  4. Printed pictures of family and friends to put around his bed.
  5. Read messages from family while we were on the call.
  6. Arranged for a chaplain to sit with him so he's not on his own, and pray for him.

And the person doing the Skype calls is an administrative coordinator. Yet every day she dons the PPE gear so loved ones can see their family members in hospital.

I will never be able to repay them whatever the outcome of this nightmare.