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27 June 2020: Would you believe it?Series of dollar signs

I was amused to receive the following letter this week. It was dated 18/03/2020. I reproduce it here complete with original typing and grammatical errors. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Dear Mr Sinclair

My name is Ed Song,I am a Manager atRNFB Bank here in Hong Kong. I hoping this meet you in good health. This letter is posted on my behalf by a friend who is traveliing to United Kingdom. I contact you regarding the funds of a deceased client with surname of Sinclairunder our management. Please I ask that you keep the information in this letter confidential between both of us as I contact you independently and no one knows of my communication to you.

In 2004, a client by name of Mr Duncan Sinclair set up investmentaccount with our private banking division. He had portfolio of $11million USD which he invested. In 2005, he instructed that the initial sum ($11M) be liquidated because he making an investment requiring cash payment in Beijing. We contacteda specialist bank on the mainland;Ronghai Bank, who agreed to receive this money and make cash available to Mr Duncan Sinclair. However,Ronghai Bankcommunicated last year that this money has not been claimed. On enquiry. I found out that Mr Duncanpassed away in Shanghai. He has no next of kin and the reason I am writing you is because you have the same surname.

I have access and control to his file so what I plan is that I insert documents that make you the beneficiary of these funds. Ronghai Bank will have to contact you because you are the legal beneficiary. On verification, which will be the details I make available to RNFB, Ronghai Bank will be instructed to make payments to you.

Please trust me, this is 100% achievable. What I proposingis that we split the money 50/50. The alternative is that the money will go to the government. Nobody gets hurt in this deal, this is a very good opportunity for us. I would like us to have communication by my above telephone and email.*

Please I am a family man and I have take risk to contact you but I know in life you have to take any available chance to succeed. If we can be in agreement, we should act quick on this. Please get back to me as soon possible.

I await reply, many thank you.


* Only a address was provided.