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15 September 2020: Who is singing?Three goldfish swimming near the surface of a pond

My wife and I took advantage of the sunny weather this afternoon to sit by our garden pond. There are few things I find more restful than watching the goldfish swimming around. To my eyes they look quite leisurely and peaceful. I sometimes wonder what they think about it. Do they feel they are working hard to find things to eat?

When we were watching them yesterday we noticed two young fish swimming around together. They must have hatched earlier in the year. When goldfish are left to breed on their own the succeeding generations gradually revert to the species’ original colouring. We already have two adult black fish in the pond and the two new ones are black as well. In the past some have turned gold as they have grown older. We will see what happens to these.

As we were sitting there I found myself listening to the birdsong. In the spring and early summer the prevalent birdsong came from the blackbirds. This time it was the robins singing their hearts out, with not a blackbird to be heard. Do the robins start singing in the autumn and the blackbirds stop or have the robins simply become more common?

We are certainly seeing fewer blackbirds that we did a few months ago. The robins are always with us. We don’t have to work in the garden for long before a robin flies down to investigate. I am always surprised how comfortable they are around human beings and how close they come.