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15 December 2020: Online Christmas concertCartoon image of a distorted blue TV

One of our church members was a music teacher but went back to university to retrain as a Music Therapist. She now works for Nordoff Robbins. She told us about their online Christmas concert taking place tonight.

Back in August, our old television gave a loud bang when I turned it on and then stopped working completely. It looked as though it would be cheaper to buy a new television rather than repair the old one, so we bought a smart television for the first time. (The retailer took our old one for recycling.) This meant we were able to watch the concert on our TV and play the sound through our Hi-Fi. It was much better than watching on one of our laptops.

Apparently the concert normally takes place each year at St Luke’s Church, Chelsea but that was obviously impossible this year because of the Covid-19 crisis. The concert was therefore recorded but it was opened and closed by the Rector of St Luke’s and included three carols sung by St Luke’s choir.

The concert lasted two hours. There were many contributions from a variety of musicians, some of whom we had heard of and some we hadn’t. The concert had a genial host, who introduced each piece.

Nordoff-Robbins is a charity that started work in the 1970s. During the concert there were also video clips showing music therapy in action, helping Nordoff-Robbins clients and their families, and appeals for donations. From time to time the amount raised during the concert would be flashed up onscreen. The last amount mentioned was £277,000, a creditable result.

Altogether it was a very interesting and enjoyable event.