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12 February 2021: Imminent arrestA young man behind bars

I answered a call on my mobile phone this morning to hear a recorded message something along the following lines:

“This is the Fraud Investigation Department of the National Crime Agency. There has been fraudulent use of your National Insurance number. Press 1 to speak to one of our officers urgently, otherwise we will freeze you bank accounts and arrest you. Press 1 straight away to speak to one of our officers.”

It must have been recorded by a professional actor. It was delivered in the tone you would expect for such a message, so sounded very believable. I didn’t believe it, though. If the warning was genuine it would be given by a real person and not a recording and they would probably have used my landline. Furthermore, given the information the Department of Works and Pensions must have about me just by looking at my National Insurance records, if they have allowed someone to use it to defraud them they need a good shake-up.

Mind you, if I do stop updating this website soon you will know that I was completely wrong about that and am now languishing in jail.