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27 February 2021: Interfaith harmonySymbols of various religions

This afternoon my wife and I attended an online seminar organised by Brahma Kumaris in connection with World Interfaith Harmony Week, which is actually the first week in February. Many of those taking part came from Spain. The proceedings were in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish. I hadn’t realised simultaneous translation was possible on Zoom. At the peak there were 237 logged-in connections.

The theme was “Love of God - Love of Good”. We had videos from speakers from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim traditions. Although based on their own faiths, their talks contained messages that would echo with people of all religions. Apart from the references to the Quran, the talk by the President of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Valencia could easily have been given by a Christian instead.

Two of the things that emerged were the principles that the different religions had in common and a concern with love for all of creation. The talks were interspersed by short meditations prepared by members of Brahma Kumaris.

The seminar was very ably chaired by Ash Patel of Brahma Kumaris in London, who coped well with the occasional hiccough with the technology. He drew the seminar to a close after an hour with thanks to all the speakers and everyone else who had taken part.