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9 April 2021: Covid jabsA computer image of a hypodermic needle

Our doctors’ surgery is now part of a group of three. This afternoon my wife and I went to one of the others to get our second Covid-19 jabs. We went there for our first ones as well.

It was quite a contrast to the first time we went. Then we had to wait outside until there was enough room to let us in. Then, after we had told the receptionist who we were, we had to join a queue. Because we received the Pfizer vaccine, we had to sit in a waiting room for 15 minutes after being jabbed before we were allowed to leave.

This time we walked in, told the receptionist who we were and then received the vaccine straightaway. We still had to wait for 15 minutes afterwards.

While we were waiting we got chatting to one of the volunteers and mentioned how much quieter it was than it had been when we went before. He said he had been there on the very first day of vaccinations, back in January. They were due to receive the vaccines on the Wednesday and start vaccinating on the Saturday. In the event, the vaccines did not arrive until the Saturday morning, at the same time as the first patients had been told to turn up.

The fact that the vaccination centre had been told to vaccinate people strictly in order of descending age caused a further problem. The fist cohort were all over 90, so a substantial number came in wheelchairs or had to be provided with wheelchairs, reducing the space. Furthermore it was a cold day, so everyone turned up wearing several layers of clothes, causing delays while they bared their arms and then put everything back on.

At least we’ve had our Covid jabs now, until someone decides we need another one to cope with new variants anyway.