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6 August 2020: Business meetingA clipboard with a big red tick superimposed

Our President chaired her first business meeting as President today - online.

After we approved the minutes of the last meeting, it was the turn of our Treasurer to present the accounts. We have a reasonable sum in Club General Funds at the end of July following the receipt of most members’ subscriptions and the payment of our RIBI and District levies. The balance in the Raffle Fund also increased after many members caught up with the payments for raffle tickets that they should have been paying while meetings are held online.

We were able to pay £2,452.89 to Families InFocus, our Immediate Past President’ chosen charity for his year as President. We already hold £565.00 in the President’s Charity Fund for this year as a result of the donations members have made out of the sums they have saved by not having to pay for Club lunches.

The Club Administration Committee reported that attendance at meetings during June was better than it had been last year, despite or because of the lockdown. For the time being meetings will continue online. There is a physical meeting scheduled for 22 October but this will be reviewed nearer the date. (The business meeting did agree that our meeting on 20 August should be a picnic in the grounds of our local stately home, weather permitting.)

The Membership Committee and the Public Image Committee are to be merged. The Chair of the Membership Committee, together with our President and her husband, did recently meet two potential new members, one of whom was previously a member of a Rotary Club in India.

The Foundation and International Committee had nothing to report. Our President asked members to think of a fund-raising activity that could replace the annual Jazz Night the Club used to run.

The Chair of the Community and Vocational Committee said it was unlikely that we would be able to organise a Senior Guests’ Trip to the Panto this year; it was doubtful that the main local theatre would put on a pantomime. However, it was hoped that we would be able to provide the Santa’s Grotto at the Frost Fair again.

The Chair of the Youth Committee said that this year he did not expect the Club to run any of the Rotary competitions requiring people to get together, although he was hoping to run a Special Young Chef competition for children with special needs in 2021. He would also try to generate interest in other Rotary competitions, such as Young Artist and Young Writer, and to find a candidate for a Young Citizens award.

We discussed whether, once the lockdown has eased sufficiently for us to hold regular physical meetings again, we should continue to use two venues or settle on one. The Secretary agreed to canvass members.