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3 September 2020: Business meetingA clipboard with a big red tick superimposed

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, our President chaired this online business meeting even though she and her husband are on holiday in Yorkshire. She started by apologising that her broadband connection was not good and could drop out but in practice there weren’t any problems.

The formal part of the meeting only lasted half an hour as most committees had little or nothing to report. This is in any event a time of year which is fairly quiet for us.

We did spend some time discussing the venues for future meetings. Of the two venues we were using immediately before the lockdown, the hotel has confirmed that they can accommodate us once more but we still have to hear from the rugby club. However, everyone agreed that last week’s meeting at our local boys’ grammar school Old Boys Club had gone well.

We therefore agreed that we should meet at the hotel on the 10th and the 24th September and at the Old Boys Club on the 17th. We can make a decision on subsequent meetings once we know how the rugby club is placed.