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4 March 2021: Business MeetingA pink 3D triangle in a physically impossible shape

At today’s business meeting a number of our committees simply reported that there was nothing to report owing to the lockdown restrictions.

On the other hand, the Club Administration Committee was able to report good attendance at the weekly online meetings. We are not able to hold an International Evening Meeting on 22 April as planned; this will be replaced by an online lunchtime meeting. We expect to restart meeting together for weekly lunches in July, although our President hopes it will be possible to hold her President’s Lunch on 24 June, between the prospective end of restrictions and the end of her term of office.

The Chair of the Foundation & International Committee said he hoped to obtain a District Grant to support our ongoing project in Nepal. The Chair of the Community & Vocational Committee reported that the Jumble Sale booked for April had been cancelled and the hall booking transferred to a date in November.

One of our members has been cycling regularly during the lockdown and another has been aiming to walk 100 miles a week with her husband. They are both self-sponsored. Other members were invited to make their own donations to the Trust Fund in recognition of their efforts. The funds raised will go to external charities.

As we finished the formal agenda early, President Jan gave us a short quiz. She showed a series of objects taken from unusual angles and asked what they were. Most of us worked out that the first one was a close-up of a toothbrush head. A surprising number realised that another was a close-up of the scales on a butterfly’s wing. The one that foxed everybody was a photograph looking straight up a wind turbine from the bottom. [The one I got wildly wrong was a photograph showing bubbles rising in a champagne glass, taken from the top. I put it down as water going down a plughole! I guess that just shows how rarely I get to drink the stuff.]