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OK. Let me admit it. This is the most self-indulgent part of this website.

I previously contributed a regular column to the quarterly newsletter of one of our local charities for homeless people. It was designed to fit a single newsletter column. When I later started running their website I published it there as well. (That website is now run by a commercial company.) I thought I would reproduce them on this website but discovered I had zapped the lot when I installed new operating systems on my PC early in 2016, so you’ve got these jottings instead.

That’s right. I installed operating systems in the plural. These days I use Linux exclusively. For some time I used Windows as well but only for the mapping program I worked on to plan rambles. It is the only Windows program I used for which I never found a Linux equivalent. Now I rely on the Locus Map smartphone app for planning walks.

This website is built using my Linux system and runs on one of Pickaweb’s Linux web servers.

Oh, by the way, I named that newsletter column after a man who was important in the area in Anglo-Saxon times. Hence the picture at the top of this introduction.