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8 November 2019: Fuller Street to Rank’s GreenA cream-painted 1920s pub

Start point grid reference: TL 747 160GPX file

There were nine of us on this walk from the Square and Compasses in Fuller Street. That was just as well, as the recent rain made the first part of the walk very muddy and at some points we had to help each other up or down steep slopes. We had to be careful making our way through Parsons Wood.

We had to be careful for more reasons than one. We met a shooting party there as well. They were just taking a coffee break as we came up to their support van.

They later passed us on the way to somewhere else and we didn’t see or hear them again.

North of the wood we turned right on to a metalled road. There is a very attractive Tudor cottage (called “Tudor Cottage”) on the corner by the drive to Little Warley Hall.

Once through Rank’s Green we turned right again on to a concrete road. We wondered whether it had been the way to a WWII airfield, as it looked as though it came from that period. It is still in very good condition. We had fields of sugar beet on either side of us.

We stopped for our own coffee break when we met the footpath going west. After coffee we went along that footpath before turning right on to another footpath leading back to Fuller Street. This part of the route was much drier and we managed to wash to mud off our boots before we got back to the pub.