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1 October 2020: Gunton Hall to BlundlestonA model hay wain containing flowers

Start point grid reference: TM 537 963GPX file

During our stay in Gunton Hall my wife and I exhausted the possibilities of the beach paths so decided to try this walk to Blundleston. From Gunton Hall we walked down Gunton Avenue to the A47, then turned right to cross the road at the pedestrian crossing just before the roundabout. We then made our way to Blundleston Road and followed it to Blundleston.

This is a fairly busy road, so we had to be careful of the traffic. Blundleston Hall seems to be a fairly modern building.

We came across the decorated wagon in the picture on arriving at Blundleston, where we took the right-hand fork and made our way past The Plough Inn. Blundleston’s claim to fame is that Charles Dickens made it the birthplace of David Copperfield. The Plough Inn claims that, in the novel, Barkis the carrier starts from there.

Once past the row of houses immediately adjacent to the pub, you have to keep a look out for the path on the right. When we walked the route the footpath sign had fallen and was lying on the ground.

Care needs to be taken on reaching the lane at the end of the path as it is not clear where to pick the footpath up again. After a false start we realised we should have turned left and then immediately right.

The field path leading towards White House Farm was very muddy. Unfortunately I took a tumble at the end of it. I got mud over my outer clothing but the only part of me I hurt was my pride.

Once down the farm drive we turned left on the B1375 and crossed the A47 at the roundabout to pick up the footpath past Woodlands Farm towards Corton.

When we arrived in Corton we turned right and walked along the path to Wheatacre Drive. There is a sign here saying “No through road. No public right of way” but no one challenged us. (It must have taken us less then a minute to walk.) From Wheatacre Drive we made our along Station Road to Corton Long Lane and then to the beach, where we spent a lazy afternoon.